Southern Strokes: Joey Vox and Seth Knight

Category : South'n Strokes

This wasn’t Joey’s first rodeo, but it would seem that Seth gave him his first real drilling here at Southern Strokes today. When Seth first mounted Joey, you can catch Joey throw out a couple of winces … as Seth didn’t hold anything back and shoved his cock balls deep into Joey’s hole … After fucking him for a spell, Joey was begging to taste Seth’s cum, so Joey put his head back on the pillow and took Seth’s huge thick load before he followed up with a gusher of his own.

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Dominic Ford: Sebastian Young and Cody Robbinson

Category : Dominic Ford

Sebastian Young makes his first appearance on Dominic Ford this week, and what a way to start off with a new company! He is amazing, and this scene is incredible. In it, Cody Robbinson is the luck muscle worshipper who gets to explore Sebastian’s body and take his massive dick. Sebastian gives it to Cody good … this is intense fucking … and is not be missed!

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ChaosMen: Austin and Chip

Category : ChaosMen

Though Austin has found that bottoming is pleasurable, he really enjoys tapping into his dominant side, and in this ChaosMen video he fucks Chip unmercifully with his ample cock. They do some spooning action, and that wakes Chip’s dick up for a bit. They both seem to like the doggy style position best.

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Drill My Hole: Damien Crosse and Pierre Fitch: Thirst: Part 2

Category : Drill My Hole

In the continuing story-line from Drill My Hole, tough man Damien Crosse has his way with Pierre Fitch’s hot arse in “The Thirst” – Part 2 … but not before having his own face truly fucked by the hung young stud. Then watch as Damien returns the favour and holds onto Pierre’s head as he rams his cock into his sexy warm mouth. Then we get to see Pierre’s huge cock bounce up and down as he rides Damien’s stiff uncut dick … check out the looks of ecstasy on Pierre’s face too … very hard to ignore!

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