Next Door Buddies: Cole Christiansen and Markie More and Steven: Wedding Jitters

For Markie More, the big day is here … the first day of the rest of his life. As he dresses nervously for his wedding, something seems amiss. Perhaps it’s just the standard wedding jitters, or maybe it’s something more. As his groomsmen, fellow Next Door Buddies models Cole Christiansen and Steven, come to grab him to go, they can sense something is not quite right, and so they sit him down to hash it out with him, and that’s when Markie drops a secret on them. Turns out he’s having second thoughts because he can’t stop thinking of a liaison back in college with a couple of guys. He tells them he’s been having dreams about getting fucked by a guy, and he’s not sure he wants to get married after all. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Cole and Steven decide to help out their best friend …

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Men of UK: Paddy O’Brian and Topher Di Maggio: Top To Bottom

Gay porn superstar Paddy O’Brian has been drilling holes for four long years now and Men of UK fans have been demanding to see paddy’s virgin bubble butt get royally penetrated. Today their voices have finally been heard and we finally get to see his pink virgin fuck hole get a pounding to remember, with Topher Di Maggio going balls deep … hard, fast and rough, just like Paddy always did … now that a cock is in the other hole, we will see how much Paddy likes it!

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