CockyBoys: Angel Rivera and Avery Jones

Avery Jones returns to CockyBoys for his first taste of NYC AND the full Angel Rivera experience! Their instant chemistry is sparked with slow and sensually passionate kissing and mutual nipple teasing and it grows as Angel reaches around and slips his fingers into Avery’s hole. The intense pleasure motivates Avery to suck Angel’s ever-growing thick cock and big balls and he’s rewarded when Angel probes his hole more.

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CockyBoys: Angel Rivera and Leo Grand

Just about anything can happen at Camp CockyBoys! When close friends Angel Rivera and Leo Grand hang out together, they look at each other in a different light and decide to explore if there’s something more than simple friendship going on between them. Flirting and kissing by the lake gets seriously sexual when they return to the house and make out on the patio. Hands and lips begin to wander leading to Leo taking the leap by taking out Angel’s cock and sucking him like there’s no tomorrow …

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CockyBoys: Max Konnor and Angel Rivera

In this special scene from CockyBoys, Directed by Max Konnor himself, and filmed on Fire Island, Angel and Max soon find common traits and they enjoy each other’s company, leading to them getting playfully sexual besides the pool. Angel doesn’t even try to resist deep-sucking Max’s cock just as Max can’t help but kiss him with sensual passion. That’s all Angel needs to join Max in the outdoor shower, drop to his knees and suck him with enthused lust …

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CockyBoys: Angel Rivera and Sean Ford: Lips Together – Six Feet Apart

Angel Rivera makes his CockyBoys debut with Sean Ford in his long-awaited return in a love story for our times! Angel and Sean have fallen for each other but he can’t get together with Sean due to the pandemic lock-down. So, Angel showers him with numerous, socially distanced, kind and romantic gestures including multiple visits to his country cottage. And as they forge a deep connection, Angel goes all out by camping in his jeep outside Sean’s door to wait out the 14-day quarantine. Once the final day in isolation is behind them, they can finally get together … check out what happens below!

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