CockyBoys: Levi Karter and Asher Hawk: Flip Fuck

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Once the guys got naked, they started making out in front of the fireplace — which made for one very romantic setting — and Levi went straight to work sucking Asher off and rimming him. Then Levi went full force into fucking Asher, who had this grin on his face like he’d been waiting for this moment for a long time! After the guys moved to the floor and Asher rode Levi like a cowboy, Asher then surprised Levi, flipped him over, and gave him a hard pounding to seal the deal. It’s been hot to watch Levi transition from a bottom to a top over time, but there’s no denying he loves a good fuck — especially from one of his own personal favourite CockyBoys!

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CockyBoys: Asher Hawk and Jo Diamond

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Asher Hawk is back at CockyBoys! And this time he’s bringing a buddy with him – Jo Diamond. Jo is exactly what you see when you try to picture what a true CockyBoys model looks like – rock hard abs, all tattooed up, huge uncut dick, a quiet, yet strong personality, and so much fun to be around! With that being said, it was understandable why Asher couldn’t wait to play with Jo and get his hands, and arsehole, on his cock!

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CockyBoys: Tayte Hanson and Asher Hawk

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Tayte Hanson and Asher Hawk have been flirting for a long time now. As every CockyBoys fan knows, Tayte likes to get rough and aggressive when he tops and Asher is famous for being a power bottom that must have his hole fucked deep and hard every time or it won’t count! Putting the two together was only a matter of time. Neither one of them needed an introduction and exactly 3.5 seconds after Tayte shoves his tongue down Asher’s throat his cock is already rock hard which of course requires deep throating immediately. They swap blowjobs and Tayte eats Asher’s hungry hairy hole but this wasn’t about that – this was all about packing Asher’s tight hole with as much Tayte cock as he could possibly take. And he takes ALL of it … and then begs for more!

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Next Door Twink: Asher Hawk and Ian Ticing: High-End Property

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As a Real Estate agent, life pushing properties around in the market can become lonely and difficult. Asher Hawk is feeling that pain. Today he’s holding an open house for a very expensive piece of property. It’s in the hills, a bit out of the way. A few hours in, he hasn’t had anyone drop by … until now. That’s when Next Door Twink model Ian Ticing walks in. What Asher doesn’t know is that Ian’s been watching Asher. He saw Asher’s profile on a Realtor website, and liked what he saw. He knew Asher would be here today. Asher politely gives Ian the standard tour, remarking on the original tile and restored fixtures. When they arrive in the junior suite bedroom, Asher takes an opportunity to ask Ian how old he is. Asher needs a sale and doesn’t want to be wasting his time with someone who appears to be too young to possess assets enough to seriously consider purchasing the property. Ian doesn’t directly answer his question, but instead kisses Asher. They move to the bed to let the passion continue … Ian removes Asher’s shirt and his own. He pushes him on the bed and removes Asher’s pants. Ian sucks Asher’s swollen cock for a while before Asher sits up and sucks Ian’s erect dick. Ian then takes control, sliding his cock into Asher’s tight arsehole, and pounding him slow at first, then hard and fast!

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