Butch Dixon: Freddy Wolff and Bruno Fox

Butch Dixon give a warm and wet welcome back to Swedish stud Freddy Wolff … it’s been a while, but this stud is just getting hotter and hotter … and for this scene they’ve pitted him against the handsome and super-horny Bruno Fox. Dirty blonde, uncut Scandinavian – Freddy and hairy, cut, Mediterranean – Bruno, it sure is a sexy combo, that’s sure to have the sparks and cum flying!

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UK Hot Jocks: Andrea Suarez and Bruno Bernal: Flip Fuck

Bruno has parked the UK Hot Jocks Jaguar XF in a discreet underground location with his buddy Andrea. The tension is palpable as they stare each other down, rubbing themselves through their clothes, keeping their hands off one another … for now. The nipples get tweaked, crotches tent out and the stares become even more intense. Fly’s undo and the throbbing cocks come out, wanking with slow determination, Bruno bashing his knob on the steering wheel. The tension can’t last much longer … then it breaks and the guys lean over and kiss one another, their passion and tongues explode! Andrea grabs the back of Bruno’s neck and jams him down on his big cock, all the way down. He deep throats and sucks away with ease and gusto. Taking things outside the car they have another go on each other’s dicks before Bruno points that stunning bubble butt to the sky for a deep rimming and fingering. His arse makes the most incredible noise when slapped in this cavernous underground tunnel, like a sci-fi phaser fire! Andrea can’t resist any more, rubbers up and fills that beauty up. The passion is absolutely constant, Andrea pulling Bruno’s hair, yanking him back onto his cock. Now its Andrea’s turn, the flexible jock boy lifts his leg clean up onto the open door of the Jag, giving Bruno good access his arse. They flip fuck as Bruno fucks with fury and intensity, pulling out and spunking on his butt cheeks. Andrea pushes him down onto his knees before unloading and mother load of cum onto his face … so much so that Bruno shoots ANOTHER load of cum!

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