Blake Mason: Ross Drake and Cameron Wilson

Blake Mason have had some great locations recently, but Ross and Cameron in an army vehicle museum is one of the most interesting yet! The guys are snogging and eager for each other’s cocks, both of which are soon out and being sucked as they slurp down on each other’s stiff lengths. Cameron’s hole is eager for a fucking, taking it standing up, bent over and then riding too, wanking himself off to a splashing eruption!

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Blake Mason: Stephan Black and Cameron Wilson

It’s been a long time since the sexy Cameron has been at Blake Mason, but everyone’s very glad to have him back. He called up recently looking for some action and the producers just so happened to have the perfect top for him; the new arrival Stephan! The guys are rock hard for each other right from the start, wanking each other off and then swapping some tasty oral. A little rimming has Cameron ready and Stephan sinks in slowly before fucking him all over the bed!

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Hard Brit Lads: Leo and Cameron Wilson

Everything about Leo is big … from his huge muscular shoulders and pecs … to his massive beefy thighs … to his 8.5 inch uncut cock. But Hard Brit Lads reckon he is actually more like a gentle giant, and in this scene with him and young blond cutie Cameron Wilson, it is almost romantic in places. There is a lot of kissing, and some hot cock sucking, before Leo gets his tongue to lube up Cameron’s perfect, smooth little arsehole, licking and lapping at it, getting it all nice and wet and ready for the arse fucking that’s about to ensue … check it out!

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