College Dudes: Bobby Clark Fucks Alex Maxim

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Bobby Clark and Alex Maxim won’t let the College Dudes cameraman get a word in edge-wise! These two hotties were already going at it before the camera even started, and turning it on certainly didn’t make them stop and talk! In fact, the first words spoken were when Bobby commanded Alex to stand up and once that dick hits the level of his mouth, Bobby’s sucking on it like it’s the juiciest meat he’s ever tasted! He wraps his mouth around Alex’s dick and plays with his arse a little, getting him even more worked up than he was before! Then Alex gets on all fours and lets Bobby have his way with him as Bobby grabs those perfect butt cheeks, plays with his hard nipples and uses his spit for extra lube. Alex is on his back next getting fucked hard, and Bobby makes sure he can feel every move as he pulls his dick all the way out and shoves it all the way in …

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College Dudes: Bryan Cavallo Fucks Sam Northman

Category : College Dudes

Sam and Bryan aren’t much into talking, they’ve got one thing on their mind and they’re determined to get to it! Once the College Dudes camera team set them loose on each other they swap some spit and get those clothes off until their hard cocks are out and their getting on the bed and giving each other head! After some great oral action, they are both ready to take things to the next level! Sam bends over and offers up his tanned, tight arse to Bryan who doesn’t think twice about sticking his fat uncut dick deep inside …

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College Dudes: Bobby Clark Tops Sam Northman

Category : College Dudes

Bobby Clark isn’t a real college dude these days, but he sure loves to fuck those young college studs! He’s been in and out of porn so he comes back to College Dudes with some experience … not to mention he’s always horny and can’t keep his hands off of Sam! Not that Sam minds though, because the minute these two get together they’re locking lips and rubbing dicks!

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College Dudes: Tommy White Tops Josh O’Brian

Category : College Dudes

Tommy and Josh are livin’ the college life and both are getting laid on a regular basis, but being horny College Dudes, that just seems to make them even more eager for sex and when given the right opportunity here, they jump right in, kissing and undressing each other until their cocks are out and ready for a good sucking … and that’s exactly what happens! At least, until Tommy decides he wants some of Josh’s arse … and he gets Josh to climb on top of him and sit back down on his raging boner … check it out!

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