Bentley Race: Marco Pirelli and Diego Sanchez

Bentley Race kept Diego Sanchez very busy during his short visit to Australia. All Ben’s mates were lining up to get it on the action with this big dicked stud from New Zealand. Ben was taking some still shots of him with Marco Pirelli when he noticed how horny the guys were getting and he grabbed the video camera just in time and filmed one of the hottest fucking scenes ever seen on Bentley Race!

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Bentley Race: Diego Sanchez Fucks Ryan Anderson

Bentley Race and his team were out in the Aussie bush when they found a secluded spot and Ryan and Diego (who had been fooling around in the back of the car) decided to give a bit of a show. So they jumped out and set it up as a hitch hiking scene. Ryan Anderson was the lonely hitch hiker about to be picked up by the hot top Diego Sanchez. He was about to drill Ryan from every position possible!

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Bentley Race: Diego Sanchez and Jake Jensen

Recently Diego Sanchez was in Australia on a visit from New Zealand. He sent Bentley Race a list of the guys from the site that he’d like to hook up with while he was in town … and naturally Ben facilitated things as best he could, in exchange for filming rights! High on the list, naturally, was blond Aussie Jake Jensen. They all arranged to meet one afternoon and after a couple of beers the video camera came out and so did Diego’s cock and Jake pounced on it! Diego a master of fucking and pushed Jake in to lots of different positions … and Jake loved every minute … and every inch of Diego’s fat uncut cock!

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