Bentley Race: Jay Townsend and Sarpa Van Rider

Sarpa and Jay have both done a number of shoot for Bentley Race, but this is the first time they have been together in a scene. Even though it is winter now in Melbourne the guys braved the cold up on the roof to pose for some photos … and Jay was very happy to try and get Sarpa naked out there as he was constantly trying to pull his jeans down! In the end tho, they decided it was too cold and headed back inside to warm up and then strip down and get some cocks hard and ready to fuck!

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Bentley Race: Marco Pirelli and Diego Sanchez

Bentley Race kept Diego Sanchez very busy during his short visit to Australia. All Ben’s mates were lining up to get it on the action with this big dicked stud from New Zealand. Ben was taking some still shots of him with Marco Pirelli when he noticed how horny the guys were getting and he grabbed the video camera just in time and filmed one of the hottest fucking scenes ever seen on Bentley Race!

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CockyBoys: Tony Milan and Arnaud Chagall

Arnaud Chagall seems like the perfect match for new CockyBoys model Tony Milan. Like Tony, Arnaud is modest about his good looks but very forward when it comes to sex. They also have several similarities physically, including their toned bodies, their chest hair, and the attractive scruff on their chins. Tony and Arnaud are both sexually versatile, but Arnaud was drooling after he took one look at Tony’s cock and knew he had to have it inside him. And Tony really took care of him, producing one of his world-class cum shots all over Arnaud’s six pack!

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