Next Door Twink: Jake Tyler and Zander Williams: Unexpected Sleepover

Category : Nextdoor Twink

Next Door Twink models and stepbrothers Zander Williams and Jake Tyler, have been getting along very well together, ever since Jake’s dad married Zander’s mum a few months back. They share common interests and love to joke around. It doesn’t hurt that Zander thinks Jake is really, really hot! Today as Jake retires to his bathroom to take a shower, Zander decides to do a little snooping to find out what kind of sexual habits Jake has. To his chagrin, he finds in Jake’s drawer a glass dildo and a lifelike, girthy cock. He doesn’t hesitate to give the glass toy a try. As Zander works the pleasure tool in and out of his tight, virgin hole, Jake spies him from the bathroom door. Naked and with a fully throbbing erection, Jake quietly approaches, startling Zander when he reaches the bed …

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CockyBoys: Jake Bass and Ricky Roman: The Banker

Category : CockyBoys

CockyBoys exclusive performers Jake Bass and Ricky Roman star in this first of five films under the banner of “Answered Prayers” … the first is “The Banker”, which will be followed later with “The Bully”, “The Healer”, “The Lamb” and finally “The Actor”. Check it out … Jake sucks Ricky’s uncut cock, before bending over and taking it up the rear!

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CockyBoys: Jake Bass and Tony Milan

Category : CockyBoys

Jake Bass and Tony Milan come from completely different places and speak different languages, so they had a lot to talk about when they first met up at the CockyBoys studio in Montreal. Brazilian-born Tony had never been to Canada, so Jake had a good time explaining the facts and the myths about his culture. Likewise, Jake had never been to Brazil so he asked Tony to teach him some Portuguese. The first thing he asked to learn how to say was …? “I do porn.” The language lessons were a good introduction into the real reason they were there. Tony was eager to put that amazing arse of his to use on Jake’s cock, and Jake was equally ready to give it to him. Two very different guys, but both extremely hot in their own unique way!

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UK Naked Men: Damian and Jake and Johnny

Category : UK Naked Men

UK Naked Men found out that there’s a sneaker thief around! When the guys on the estate find their trainers are being stolen by a pervy sniffer, they make up their minds to catch him out. Johnny and Jake retrieve their stolen trainers but unfortunately their brand of punishment seems to be exactly what the extra bendy, highly sexed thief – Damian – is looking for! They hold their trainers over his face, take it in turns to finger his wet hole and stuff him full of stiff, uncut dick, before pushing him back and wanking out their creamy loads all over his face. (Hmm, hardly a deterrent!)

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