Blake Mason: Kai Cruz and Tommy Benson

Two of the most familiar boys are back at Blake Mason for this video! Kai Cruz and Tommy Benson are masters when it comes to sucking cock and face fucking each other, but the hungry lads are not leaving it at just some oral action for this video! After eating out Kai’s hole Tommy takes aim and eases his 7.5 inch uncut tool into Kai’s ass, slamming him good and hard! Kai gets some cum fucked and wanked out of his cock, but when Tommy delivers a fat mess of semen on his chest he has to squirt again!

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Blake Mason: Mating Season: Ep 8: An Orgy To End A Great Trip

It’s the last day of their camping trip and the Blake Mason guys wake up to the sound of rain falling on the tent. But Kai’s in a playful mood and suggests they should have a game of truth or dare before packing up. He starts of with a group truth or dare and it’s a dare – so he makes the guys play the game naked! It’s not long before Riley dares Josh to suck Kai’s dick, Fraser dares Riley to suck Matt’s dick and Matt dares Bradley to suck Fraser’s cock! But soon they’re all sixty-nining and they quickly end up together on the middle bed in a horny suck off session … and then it turns in to a 6 man fuck fest! And oh, what an ending!

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Blake Mason: Mating Season: Pt 5: On The Moors With Horny Guys

Another morning and all the Blake Mason guys are just about awake, but there’s a problem – there’s no food left! Bradley, Fraser and Josh get up to go shopping and leave Kai, Matt and Riley in the tent. Knowing they may be gone for a few hours, Kai and Riley head out to find an ice cream van, leaving Matt all alone in the tent. After walking for miles it’s clear that Kai and Riley aren’t going to find anything to eat up on the desolate Moors. Instead, grumpy Kai asks Riley to give him a blowjob and slowly his mood improves – so much so that Kai gives Riley a really nice fuck and a facial full of home grown cream!

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