UK Naked Men: Josh Charteris and Kayden Gray

Category : UK Naked Men

Josh Charteris is surprised, but certainly not unhappy, to see his regular workmate has been replaced … as the replacement is the handsome, toned Kayden Gray, who has the most beautiful cock he’s ever seen! Kayden’s been sent by UK Naked Men, because he’s the best at what he does and he’s sure to keep Josh very happy. Josh’s thick, uncut cock pushes into Kayden’s downey arse up to the hilt, each thrust making Kayden’s cock bounce off his tight abs and the pre-cum ooze over them!

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UK Hot Jocks: Kayden Gray and Andro Maas

Category : UK Hot Jocks

Kayden is working hard, slicing up panels for a new piece of furniture when to anyone’s surprise in walks Andro. He hasn’t been at work for over a week and is frequently ill or excused from work. He knows he’s up for the figurative chop and has the audacity to ask Kayden if he can help him keep his job. He is willing, but want’s something in return … his sweet arse! Andro doesn’t put up any sort of fight and lets him have it! There’s an explosion of passion between these two, this has clearly been a long time coming and the UK Hot Jocks cameras catch every raunchy second! Andro sucks on Kayden’s thick and powerful 9.5 inches of uncut man-meat, getting an oral feel of what’s about to anally come! Then they really get down to business and right over the huge cutting machine they suck, rim and fuck like champions.

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UK Hot Jocks: Kayden Gray and Alexis Belfort: Taking Ad-Vantage

Category : UK Hot Jocks

Sam has taken boyfriend Kayden out on an errand in their flashy Aston Martin V8 Vantage convertible. He has to leave Kayden in the car to go and do something and tells him he won’t be long. It’s a beautifully sunny day in merry old England so Kayden doesn’t mind, he soaks up some rays and relaxes in the comfort of an expensive sports car. Time passes and he gets a bit bored, that is until cute farmer boy Alexis stumbles across the parked up Aston and is instantly smitten … with the car. Kayden on the other hand fancies a bit of this sweet looking country boy. He strikes up conversation with him, he knows this motor is a pulling magnet so barely even has to try … see what happens next, the UK Hot Jocks cameras captured all the action!

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Bulldog Pit: Steven Prior and Kayden Gray and Nathan Gear: Monster Double Cock Fuck

Category : Bulldog Pit

Keeping the party going at his place, Bulldog Pit model Steven Prior hooks up with clubbers Nathan Gear and Kayden Gray and they are soon on a dick size contest! All three buff young studs have massive dicks, but skinny young Steven wins the round by a good few inches … in length and girth! Much to the delight of big bottom boy Nathan, he’s got his wish of two giant dicks out on his sofa, both hard and both eager for action … and amazingly both fit inside his tiny arsehole at the same time … check it out!

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