BelAmiOnline: Kris Evans and Brandon Manilow

This video starts off with starts with some innocent after gym time between two friends but turns out to be much more. Kris appears nervous at first, but Brandon takes the lead and instantly takes Kris’ shyness (and his clothes) away. After some hot kissing and sucking of each other’s big uncut dicks, Brandon finally bends Kris over and gives him what he (and BelAmiOnline fans) have been waiting for!

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BelAmiOnline: Kris Evans and The Kinky Angels

Few models embody the real essence of modern day BelAmiOnline like the stunningly beautiful Kris Evans and The Kinky Angels do, so bringing them together was an obvious match … truly made in heaven. The guys decide that they have some unfinished business with Kris and invite him to the Budapest office to enact a little plan they cooked up … and a BJ orgy ensues. Then Kris decides that he wants a bit more from the Kinky Angels and lines all their butts up in a row for some extended rimming, before he proceeds to fuck them all, each in a different position!

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