Bentley Race: Marco Pirelli and Skippy Baxter

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This was one very hot session between two of the Bentley Race sites hot fuck mates … Marco Pirelli and Skippy Baxter. The guys couldn’t wait to get it on as Ben made them pose together during the pre-video photo-shoot. Skippy was grabbing at Marco’s fat uncut dick as Ben clicked away, and it wasn’t long before both of these well-muscled mates were naked and rock hard. In this video Marco lubes up that big fat uncut dick of his and slides it right inside Skippy’s waiting hole. And Marco is determined to give it to his horny mate from every angle possible … check it out!

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Bentley Race: Marco Pirelli and Tommy Baxter

Category : Bentley Race

It’s always a fun shoot when the guys are already fuck mates. That’s what happened recently when Bentley Race mates Marco Pirelli and Tommy Baxter came round to make Tommy’s first porn flick with Ben. There’s no awkwardness like what can happen sometimes when guys meet for the first time at a porn shoot. In fact, Marco and Tommy were all ready to put on a hot show … Ben just needed to hold on to the camera and film the hot action!

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Bentley Race: Marco Pirelli and Sarpa Van Rider

Category : Bentley Race

Bentley Race never seen anyone so excited as Sarpa Van Rider when he turned up for his first shoot with muscly uncut Italian Marco Pirelli. He couldn’t sit still as he and Ben waited for Marco to arrive at the hotel. Ben and Zac made the guys strip slowly as Ben took a lot of still photos before Zac started the video filming. Marco’s fat cock was popping out of his jocks as Sarpa kept pulling at it! After much sucking on Marco’s cock Sarpa finally had his bum expertly lubed up by his new mate before getting a heavy riding. Sarpa was amazing as he rode Marco’s cock in all different ways. Eventually Marco pulled out and squirted a huge load these two exhausted mates.

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Bentley Race: Marco Pirelli and Tyce Chantel

Category : Bentley Race

Usually when Bentley Race gets to meet a new guy for his site he gets them to do a solo shoot first. But 27yo local hottie Tyce Chantel told him how he was gagging for some of the big cocks on the website. In the photos he sent Ben were some shots of him sitting on some fairly big dildos. So Ben knew right away he’d be able to handle Marco Pirelli and his fat Italian cock. Marco likes to fuck really hard and Tyce was going to be the perfect playmate. They all met up in the city before heading back to the hotel room Ben had rented for the weekend. The guys were quick getting to know each other. They took a shower together then dried off and headed back to the lounge where some serious rough action took place. You will really like it when Tyce helps out Marco while sucking his own long cock and when Marco throws Tyce against the window and fucks him against the glass for all of the city to see!

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