CockyBoys: Jasper Robinson and Asher Hawk

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Jasper Robinson and Asher Hawk met at one of the CockyBoys model’s nights out in the city and it was no secret to anyone that they spent the whole night flirting with each other out on the dance floor. The chemistry between them was getting stronger by the second and everyone present knew this would lead to an epic fuck. Fast forward a couple of days, Jasper and Asher are finally alone (except for the cameras of course) and they are eager to go at it. Asher admits that he loves big dicks and Jasper isn’t shy about admitting he has one. The making out quickly turned into sloppy blow jobs but what Asher really wanted was to take that big dick in both of his holes and he was going to do anything to get it … check it out below!

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CockyBoys: Pierre Fitch Fucks Asher Hawk

Category : CockyBoys

Asher Hawk has quickly become one of the favourite models over at Cockyboys, so they decided to reward him. And what better way to do that than to let him have sex with his first pornstar-crush – the one and only … Mr. Pierre Fitch! Asher admits that he has been watching Pierre fuck his way to the top ever since he started watching porn and it has always been his dream to get fucked by Pierre … and today it happens and is records on film for our viewing pleasure … check it out!

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CockyBoys: Cameron and Duncan Black

Category : CockyBoys

Meet Cameron and Duncan Black, two new CockyBoys with a whole lot of attitude and some seriously sexy bods. This scene marks Cameron’s very first foray into porn, but you’d never know that from his outgoing personality, his ripped physique, and his big dick! The camera crew thought they’d pair Cameron with a porn veteran for his first time fucking on camera, and brought in Duncan (one of the most aggressive bottoms in the business!) to pop his porn cherry. Don’t let Duncan’s quiet demeanour and puppy dog eyes fool you … he knows what he’s doing and he has a huge appetite for sex!

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Maskurbate: Manuel DeBoxer and Two Special Guests

Category : Maskurbate

Manuel Deboxer was invited by his friend the Maskurbate cameraman to a surprise birthday party. While he took a quick shower, unexpected visitors broke in and when Manuel came face to face with the sexy robbers he first tries to defends himself, but eventually his sexual desires get the better of him and he ends up having sex with them! The two well-endowed, muscular black guys thrust every inch into Deboxer’s sexy body. Though he initially had second thoughts, he quickly enjoyed the ride. They took turns and fucked Manuel’s face and butt like he never got fucked before!

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