BelAmiOnline: Jens Christensen and Antony Lorca

Category : BelAmiOnline

It has almost been 6 months since Antony Lorca has been seen on BelAmiOnline, so they decided to bring him back for this hot scene with Jens Christensen. The script called for our two star crossed lovers to both turn up at the same spot after arranging a date on Grindr, based only on dick pics, so they are a little surprised that instead of meeting a hot stranger, they have actually organised dates with each other! After a little concern that they shouldn’t be hooking up with each other, they decide it’s all for the best and that since they already know each other, can skip all the awkward coffees and dinners that would normally go along with a date and jump right to the sex. Check it out, raw, hot and wet!

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BelAmiOnline: Mick Lovell and Phillipe Gaudin

Category : BelAmiOnline

The day has finally arrived! See Mick Lovell in his first sex scene ever, a flip flop with the studly Phillipe Gaudin. Since the day BelAmi announced Mick as an exclusive everyone has wanted to see him in action. Today he launches his ‘fucking’ career with an amazing flip flop fuck.

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UK Naked Men: Paddy O’Brien Fucks Marco Sessions

Category : UK Naked Men

For Paddy O’Brian’s first man-on-man fuck with UK Naked Men he chose the masculine and muscular Marco Sessions as his partner. Marco loved riding Paddy’s thick straight cockney cock and milked it for all he was worth. Paddy loved feeling his hot shaft deep inside Marco’s hole as its bloated missile head stretched and rippled Marco’s well fucked sphincter. Finally unable to hold back Paddy pushed Marco’s hand onto his cock and had him wank his straight cum out all over Marco’s magnificent abs … hot!

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UK Naked Men: Leo Domenico and Adam Wirthmore


Category : UK Naked Men

Sometime UK Naked Men model, and sometime Real Estate agent, Leo Domenico, has big plans for a particular piece of prime real estate, but he’s going to need to pull in some favours to get what he wants. Leo knows people in power and how to earn their favour; take Adam Wirthmore for example; he’s in position of power, but he’d much rather be on his knees, taking a fat uncut dick as far down his throat as he can … that is, before he starts riding it until his butt hole is exhausted and sore!

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