God’s Of Men: Alex Mecum and Vadim Black: Men At Sea

A group of masculine God’s Of Men models have set sail together on a boat going out to sea and it’s time for them to partner up and get cosy with each other aboard their luxury cruise ship. Alex Mecum and Vadim Black get steamy with some scorching hot fucking amidst truly breathtaking views. Vadim drills Alex’s tight, hairy hole until they both shoot their hot loads all over his belly!

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Drill My Hole: Adam Bryant and Vadim Black: Son Of A Preacher Man

In this hot fantasy shoot from Drill My Hole, Vadim Black plays the part of a young man who is unsure of his sexuality and the son of a local preacher. It hasn’t been easy for him growing up as you can imagine, but all that is about to change. Vadim decides to go fishing and be alone, where he feels the most comfortable. However, as he gets to his spot he sees an old high school peer, Adam Bryant. The two start to talk when Adam finally confides in Vadim that he is actually gay. Vadim is stunned, but he does wonder what it would be like to have sex. He wraps his sexy lips around Adam’s hung cock until Adam eases his thick tool into his tight hole and showers him in cum!

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Drill My Hole: Vadim Black and Will Braun and Bennett Anthony: My Thieving Roommate

Bennett Anthony has fallen for Drill My Hole model Vadim Black, but his roommate, Will Braun, naturally also wants a piece of Vadim’s sexy arse. Bennett steps out for a few minutes, which allows Will the opportunity to suck on Vadim’s uncut cock. Bennett soon returns, and isn’t at all happy when he walks in on the two of them engaging in hot oral sex … but he soon realizes that they might all enjoy a third cock being thrown into the mix.

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