UK Naked Men: Woody Fox and Mateo Stanford

Woody Fox is filling out magnificently and this previously confirmed top from UK Naked Men is now making a very able and cock-hungry bottom! Woody is the date Shay Cruz was waiting for but he’s turned up late to find Shay’s annoyed flat mate, Mateo Stanford, cleaning up a mess of jock straps and trainers. Woody’s cock is stiff in his pants in the hope of some hot, dirty sneaker sex, and he’s in luck … Mateo is up for anything as long he gets his fat, uncut pole up Woody’s tight muscle butt!

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UK Naked Men: Woody Fox and Dan Broughton

This is a Super HOT coupling from UK Naked Men … Australia’s favourite hunk, Woody Fox, is bottoming for the first time with the absolutely stunning, big-dicked boy-next-door Dan Broughton! This is actually Woody’s fantasy scenario … “a massage gone bad”, where Woody offers up his toned sexy body, and very tight hole, to Dan’s talented fingers, tongue and big, fat uncut cock … and it all ends in a hot, sticky mess!

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Menatplay: Woody Fox and Johnny Hazzard: Diary Of A Fox

It’s day two in Woody Fox’s hectic working week, but by hectic the Menatplay team don’t necessarily mean busy with work. Woody has a serious case of the horn. And with such a handsome colleague as Johnny Hazzard, he has trouble concentrating on his work – getting lost instead in dirty fantasies about throwing him over his desk, pulling his suit trousers down to eat his tasty arse, and pounding him hard. And while it’s all merely a fantasy in his filthy mind, Woody can’t help but discreetly touch himself under his desk, squirting his load inside his suit trousers at the exact moment he imagines giving his smart colleague a delicious serving of his cum.

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