CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark Fucks Liam Emerson

The CockyBoys Producers have always thought that Liam Emerson looked like a younger version of Gabriel Clark. They both have the same hairstyle, the same dark eyes, and the same sneaky smile. The also have similar accents and big uncut cocks, so they felt they really couldn’t find a more perfect pairing! Gabriel really took on the mentor role to Liam … encouraging him to try new things. Liam was very curious and turned on, of course, and it wasn’t long before he was on his knees and sucking Gabriel’s hard uncut dick! Gabriel was so turned on by Liam that he began to fuck him with his clothes still on, but eventually they both quickly stripped down until naked and fucked the proper way!

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UK Hot Jocks: James Lain and Liam Lomax

During a well-deserved tea break Liam asks how new guy James has been getting on in the new job at the timber workshop … but clearly he’s really just buttering him up for another initiation to the wood work business! Taking the cuppa out of his hands he suggests an extended break time and before James can question him his tongue is down his throat. Hands wander over overalls and find their way inside. Liam is strong, big and muscular and really takes control of the situation. The contrast of burly Liam and super lean James is breath taking, the work gear comes off and the guys suck dick and then fuck against the big press … the UK Hot Jocks film crew were able to catch all the action and we can sit back and watch as that thick uncut dick of Liam’s presses itself deep into James’s tight hole!

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Hard Brit Lads: Liam Burlington and Ross Drake

Hard Brit Lads have brought us an interesting one here … the tall, dark and handsome young straight lad Liam Burlington getting a very hot servicing from eager, ripped young footballer, Ross Drake. The guys start off in their sports kit; they indulge in a bit of mutual bulge groping, and then take off their tops and shorts, revealing their smooth, ripped athletic bodies. Getting down onto his knees, Ross pulls out Liam’s cock … it is big and uncut, with nice foreskin, and thick too, hanging heavy, not quite semi. Ross starts to suck gently on the head, and it quickly swells in his mouth, getting bigger and thicker till its rock solid, veins bulging. Then Ross lies on his back, holding his legs back, as Liam works on his tight hole … he rubs spit into it, then pushes his finger in. Eager to get his big dick inside, Liam fucks Ross against the sofa first, slow at first, then building up fucking him deeper and harder … and the guys end up with Liam giving Ross a hot cum facial!

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Videoboys: Liam Emerson and Samuel Stone: Flip Fuck

Before they arrived for this Videoboys shoot, Liam Emerson and Samuel Stone were complete strangers. They’d never met each other, never talked online, never even seen pictures of each other. So when they arrived, there was no small talk, the crew just started taking pictures. Throughout the entire procedure they remained quiet and aloof, like two strangers might do when standing in an elevator. Frankly, everyone behind the scenes was a bit worried that there might be no chemistry between these two … but then, the action started, there was such an explosion of hormones, grunting and sweating … no-one knew what had come over them! Without a word of encouragement or even a wink or a nod to each other, they each rushed in, locked lips and started feeling each other all over. They started pulling off each other’s clothes like it was an emergency and then sucking each other’s cocks with surprising intensity. Samuel quickly moved down to Liam’s ass and started eating him like a piggy at the trough. Liam was ready to be fucked … and it just got better and better, and ended in a super-hot flip flop fuck!

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