UK Hot Jocks: James Lain and Liam Lomax

During a well-deserved tea break Liam asks how new guy James has been getting on in the new job at the timber workshop … but clearly he’s really just buttering him up for another initiation to the wood work business! Taking the cuppa out of his hands he suggests an extended break time and before James can question him his tongue is down his throat. Hands wander over overalls and find their way inside. Liam is strong, big and muscular and really takes control of the situation. The contrast of burly Liam and super lean James is breath taking, the work gear comes off and the guys suck dick and then fuck against the big press … the UK Hot Jocks film crew were able to catch all the action and we can sit back and watch as that thick uncut dick of Liam’s presses itself deep into James’s tight hole!

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