Braxton Cruz and Jake Preston and Troye Dean: Slopes and Sex: Pt 3

It’s been an idyllic day in the mountains… until model Malik Delgaty gets an irate phone call from his girlfriend, because someone sent her pics of him fucking Troye Dean! As Malik does damage control, Jake Preston confesses he sent the pictures, because he’s jealous of Malik getting to have fun. But Troye saw Jake having fun with Braxton Cruz in the hot tub. Troye asks for a better look at Braxton’s big dick, and sucks it while Braxton jerks Jake off. Jake and Braxton spit-roast Troye and then hoist him off the floor as Braxton fucks the bottom, then it’s Troye’s turn to top Jake as Braxton gets rimmed. Both twinks suck Braxton’s big cock as Troye rides Jake until he comes, then takes the other guys’ loads on his face.

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