Blake Mason: Danny Montero and Freddie White

The Blake Mason team were excited to get Danny Montero back in the studio for another duo, especially when they realized they could pair him with angel-faced Freddie White! These two boys are as fresh and youthful as they come and watching them together is as beautiful as it is hot. Danny can’t keep the little smile off his face as he and Freddie kiss and strip their clothes off. He’s the first with a mouthful of cock, working Freddie’s uncut member with his lips, tongue, and hand. He certainly doesn’t object when Freddie wants to return the favour, either, watching as his cock disappears down Freddie’s throat. Danny is a great bottom, plus he usually stays hard. So when Freddie gets him on his knees and fucks him from behind, Danny is hard as he takes it. Freddie fucks Danny sideways, too, before getting him in missionary and rocking his hips relentlessly. With Freddie’s cock up his ass and dick in hand, Danny shoots cum all over his smooth abs. Freddie pulls out and jerks off until he adds his cum to the sticky mess all over Danny!

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