Hard Brit Lads: Troy Haydon and Fraser Jacs

A hot and passionate video, with handsome, dark, hairy chested footballer Fraser Jacs, and tall tattooed stunner Troy Haydon. Right from the start these two have the hots for each other and are feeling rampant, with hard-ons straining to get out of their shiny sports shorts. They sit down on the bed, leaning back. Fraser takes off his shorts, and leans back to let Troy suck him. Troy clearly loves to suck, and does it well, taking Frasers thick uncut meat deep into his mouth, then spitting on it, getting it really wet and juicy, rubbing the spit in, jerking him off, before sucking him again, deep and passionate. He licks up and down the shaft of Frasers cock, then around the big throbbing head, pleasuring it with his tongue. Fraser is on all fours now, his strong muscular arse in the air, facing the Hard Brit Lads camera. Troy pulls his butt cheeks apart and spits into his hole, getting it nice and wet, then takes his time licking it and spitting into it, rubbing it, getting Fraser hot and horny and ready for a serious fucking!

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