Blake Mason: Lloyd Adams and Luke Desmond: Pt 2

Some blokes are nervous for their first go on camera with a partner, but Lloyd Adams is hard for Luke Desmond before his shorts even come off! The chemistry was apparent in this Blake Mason shoot as they swallowed each other’s cocks and it only gets more intense from there. Luke is courteous enough to ask how Lloyd wants it first … and he’s quick to answer, he wants his legs up and over Luke’s shoulders. Luke obliges him with a hard, deep fuck in missionary before he flips him over and gives it to him doggy style. Of course, they find themselves in missionary again, and Lloyd ends up cumming so hard while Luke is fucking him that he hits himself in the neck with his jizz! That’s enough to make us cum, and Luke is no different, he pulls out and adds to the sticky mess all over Lloyd with his own cum.

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