Southern Strokes: Tony Newport and Jayden Ellis

Category : South'n Strokes

Jayden has had the proverbial hard-on for Tony for quite a while, so the Southern Strokes team thought they would let the two of them go at it and sit back and enjoy the show. These two were naked on the bed and ready to go before the crew could even get all of their equipment set up. Jayden was so horned up that he couldn’t keep his mouth off of Tony’s big cock. Jayden only came up for air long enough to lock lips with Tony for a spell and then back down on the cock he went. Tony was ready to fuck so he spread open Jayden’s cheeks so that his tongue could get that hole nice and wet. Jayden could barely handle Tony’s tongue fucking so he begged Tony to fill his hole. Tony mounted Jayden and the boys forgot that the cameras were there …

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