TX College Boys: Austin Fucks Deuce

Deuce is one of those guys who’s kinda hard to categorize. He’s basically straight, in that he has a girlfriend and isn’t interested in dating guys, but he really seems to like sucking cock and getting fucked in the arse. So today at TX College Boys he’s paired up with Austin. After he and Austin exchanged some oral though, Deuce got a little more than he bargained for. Austin got right in there between his cheeks and started rimming Deuce’s hot hole. Deuce had never had that done to him before and wasn’t quite sure about the experience … tho it sure looked like he liked it! Then it was time for Deuce to get fucked and he realized that Austin had a much bigger cock than what he had ever had before. It was a bit painful and he looked as tho he might back out … before you knew it, Deuce was taking Austin’s cock like a champ … first on his back and then doggie. A bit intense, but super hot to watch.

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